This rare golf and residential community in Bergin County, New Jersey was in desperate need of new infrastructure in their aging clubhouse. Leadership and management embarked upon a global facility master plan to investigate options to improve the member experience in the main house as well as their failing pool area while improving their important event space and addressing many deferred maintenance issues. Club leaders who initially expected a very conservative program soon realized that in order to bring the facility up to a condition that could serve its members for the future, more was required. In November of 2019, the Ramsey community membership overwhelmingly approved an $11 million-dollar multi-phase plan including a much-needed expansion of outdoor member gathering areas, a new and improved bar, enlarged member dining and improved and expanded event space as well as new and expanded locker rooms. The pool area plan includes a complete reinvention of the area with a new snack and changing room building and a splash pad for the kids. Other program elements include improvements to the golf shop and paddle building, expanded parking and improved accessibility with landscape aesthetics. Construction is scheduled to begin Fall of 2020.


Membership Approval: November 2019
Size: 35,000 square feet
Services: Master Plan